Personal Projects

Cowabunga: cattle royale


Role:  Designer(Game Jam)

Working remotely with a friend to make maybe the greatest battle royale game ever. You are a cow, you can only turn right, and you must be the last one standing.

Over 500 people can't be wrong!

2-26 players on one keyboard. Check the link for great cow puns. Link:

Interagator (WIP)

Role:  Solo Developer

Interagator is a 3rd person RPG focused on brutal range and melee combat.

Currently iterating over the core gameplay feel and creating enemy AI to refine the core experience. Interragator is an exploration of TPS and narrative design taking influence from EA's Battlefront II, Mass Effect and Remnant: From the Ashes.

Software: UE4


Blast Cartle

Role:  Combat and Level Designer

Blast Cartel was an exploration of multiplayer hero shooters by myself and 2 friends.


I acted as the designer, focusing on levels and core systems with basic technical support for level events. We honed into the unique USP of a grapple hook to add verticle movement to the shooting experience as well as using weight classes to determine how the grapple hook and gunplay interact as systems .

Software: Unity

Dungeon Adventures of Greedy

Role:  Designer and Developer (Game Jam)

A game jam dungeon crawl with sound effecting enemies.

For Ludum Dare 40 I lead a remote team on create this game. We used the theme of "The more you have the worst it is." to shape the USP of our project. The games focues was on getting as much loot as possible and leaving the dungeon alive, the catch is as you have more loot, your footsteps get louder and its easier for enemies to detect you. Link:

Software: Unity

Greed 2
greed 3

Trireme: Ancient Seas

Role:  Creator


Tabletop naval wargame set in the mytical seas of the mediterranean.

Trireme is a competitive board game, players field warring units from turn to turn in order to win the game. This game has gone through a number of iterations and design changes, also going through a development cycle introducing new systems once older ones had been polished.

RTS EXploration

Role:  Creator

This project was focused on the design of unit based RTS games similar to the Total War series. Using premitive objects I created a core gameplay loop of the battle phase. Units are basic but have specific stats and features that make them unquie and allow the player to make large scale tactical decissions.

Software: Unity