Who I am:


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Currently working on an unannounced Rick and Morty mobile adventure set within the Rick and Morty multiverse. In this role I'm responsible for the narrative and quest content from initial idea to the final creation, using in-house tools to create an engaging and on brand experience. I also work as a writer, from creating larger story arcs to the finer points of dialogue and quest descriptions.


Previously worked on Forces of Freedom, a multiplayer hero shooter that pitted teams against each other in high stakes, tactical combat. Initially hired as a level designer and moving into game design, I worked to shape the vision of the product, and ended up as the sole designer on the project for key features such as the shop, heroes, core combat features, levels and the FTUE.

In my spare time I am a lover of history and of tabletop games, from Warhammer to Dungeons and Dragons, honing my design skills while doing something I love. I also participate regularly in game jams, getting the opportunity in 2016 and 2017 to travel to Denmark and participate in the Nordic Game Jam.

What I've done:

Over 2+ years experience as a Game Designer. Working in part as a Level, Combat and Narrative Designer.

Over 3 years in the game industry working on multiple projects from inception to completetion.

Over 4 years as a trustee member for a charity with over 10 years of voluneteering work.

Lecturing experience as an assistant tutor in Game Design for a University

Can cook a mean curry

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