F1 2021

From January 2021 I've been an experienced game designer in Codemasters working on the F1 franchise.

I'm fortunate in my role to be able to spearhead the design of post launch content, whether that's core game features, quality of life updates or fan requested additions. Liaised with members from multiple different disciplines to release content to a high standard and with the approval from a global brand. F1 has been a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my design skills on a world class AAA product.

Rick and Morty: Clone Rumble

From March 2020 to December 2020 I worked on a Rick and Morty mobile adventure set within the Rick and Morty multiverse.


In this role I'm responsible for the narrative and quest content from the initial idea to the final creation, using in-house tools to create an engaging and on-brand experience. I also work as a writer, from creating larger story arcs to the finer points of dialogue and quest descriptions.


Forces of Freedom

From May 2018 to Feb 2020 I worked as a designer at BRAVO COMPANY.


Hired as a level designer, I ended up as the sole designer on the project, I created core gameplay and meta-game systems while also designing levels for this mobile tactical shooter. Taking the lead on features to boost KPIs as well as evolving the game into a hero-based shooter. While I was working on Forces of Freedom, it became one of the most successful early access titles on the Google Play store with over 20 million downloads.